We love making people happy

[vc_welcome]Our agency was founded in 2015. We made our reputation with highly creativity for WordPress themes. With our services we make
our customers happy and smile.[/vc_welcome][vc_text_titles title=”We are best in” title_type=”h1″ title_align=”center” subtitlebottom=”barkingdog main and best services”]
[vc_col_with_left_icon icon=”pe-7s-home” title=”Wordpress themes” content1=”Creating exclusive WordPress themes for Themeforest”][vc_col_with_left_icon icon=”pe-7s-refresh-2″ title=”Responsive design” content1=”All our themes are responsive for all devices”][vc_col_with_left_icon icon=”pe-7s-tools” title=”Multiple options” content1=”Change header look or portfolio layout in seconds”][vc_col_with_left_icon icon=”pe-7s-note2″ title=”Documentation” content1=”Well documented all options and youtube tutorials”]
[vc_col_with_left_icon icon=”pe-7s-phone” title=”Mobile games” content1=”We are launching our first ios game Frogss”][vc_col_with_left_icon icon=”pe-7s-photo-gallery” title=”Minimalistic” content1=”This theme is clean and minimalistic”][vc_col_with_left_icon icon=”pe-7s-paint” title=”Free installation” content1=”Our team install all our themes for free”][vc_col_with_left_icon icon=”pe-7s-add-user” title=”Support” content1=”If you have any question feel free to ask us”]
[vc_text_titles title=”Our barking team” title_type=”h1″ title_align=”center” subtitle=”We create barking designs” subtitlebottom=”we design like dogs bark”][vc_team title_align=”left”]
[vc_text_titles title=”Clients testimonials” title_type=”h1″ title_align=”center” subtitle=”they are happy with barkingdog” subtitlebottom=”what our customers says about barkingdog”][vc_testimonials]